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Determine Your Needs Once in Fort Wood.

Do you want to avoid driving on your trip?  Many people choose not to rent a car when visiting Fort Leonard Wood.  Why?

For one, driving on the base is not like driving on normal roads.  It's not the tanks or the other fighting vehicles that are the problem, it's the cops or MPs.

For example, say your driving down the road and your cell phone rings. You answer it by habit and an MP sees you. You are going to jail. Not a warning or even a ticket but straight to jail.

Many people find it distasteful to go to jail on vacation so if you choose to rent a car in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri we suggest still taking the airport shuttles to the base.

Rent a Car in St. Louis or Springfield and drive to St. Robert Missouri from the airport

 Take a Shuttle from St. Louis to Fort Leonard Wood or take a shuttle from Springfield to Fort Leonard Wood Missouri

Then use the free hotel shuttles to get to the base (it is a very short drive from all hotels)

Take a Taxi on Family Day to a Nice Restaurant and to your other Great Plans for Fort Leonard Wood Family Day

Fly all the way to Fort Leonard Wood

(Caution:  Many Travelers discourage the use of the airline from St. Louis to Fort Leonard Wood.  It is a very small plane and lacks modern comforts such as air conditioning, although it does usually have heat.)


Option 3 -

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The Back Story: Leonard Wood

Fort Leonard Wood (often called Ft Wood) was named after the famous Major General Leonard Wood, a doctor and soldier who devoted his life to the military and whose military career covered more than 40 years. General Wood had many distinguishing accomplishments including being the commander of Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders during the years they gained their fame. This article is continued, See General Wood in the Links Below

Need Transportation From St. Louis to Fort Leonard Wood This review may help!


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