Fort Leonard Wood Missouri Army Basic Training Graduations

Army Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training Graduations Army Basic Training graduations at Fort Leonard Wood (FT Wood) Missouri are not only proud moments of family and a grateful nation but they are also informational and down right neat!  This site is intended as a guide to help visitors with the only step by step guide to everything you need to know but on March 21, 2012 tragedy struck and we had a catastrophic failure, the failure was in a device called a raid controller and it is the part of a server that separates your data for backup and the only part that can fault both your working copy and your backups at one time.  But we are working hard on rebuilding and are opening back up or channels for local business people and friends of the fort to join back with us.   Once we are complete we will email the old member's list (thank you Mail Chimp) and mass invite to rejoin.  For now we need to tips and tricks up as soon as possible.  There is nowhere else to learn that once you drive on Fort Leonard Wood for Ceremony of Army Basic Training Graduation they will take you to jail for not wearing your seat belt and  that is the kind of thing I want to know beforehand!! Help us make this resource for Fort Leonard Wood great once again and help us to connect attendees of Army Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood with local Business People and help them take advantage of the Choice Privileges.
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The Back Story: Leonard Wood

Fort Leonard Wood (often called Ft Wood) was named after the famous Major General Leonard Wood, a doctor and soldier who devoted his life to the military and whose military career covered more than 40 years. General Wood had many distinguishing accomplishments including being the commander of Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders during the years they gained their fame. This article is continued, See General Wood in the Links Below

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