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Fort Leonard Wood Hotel Reviews Hotel Deals Fort Wood

Discounts & Reviews On Fort Wood Hotels

Fort Leonard Wood Lodging is a whole Lot More than Just Fort Wood Hotels!


Fort Leonard Wood Hotel Deals and Reviews

Check Reviews and Get Hotel Deals Now
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Points to Note About Fort Leonard Wood

  • Ft. Wood offers a nice selection of Hotels and they generally run from $35 to $119 range.
  • Some offer great buffets for breakfast and great pools | work out areas and others focus more on keeping the price low.
  • Which ever you prefer you are sure to find the right hotel in St. Robert or Waynesville MO, the two towns at the edge of Fort Leonard Wood.
  • For Graduation and Family Day, You may choose St. Robert as it is closer to the Main Gates of Fort Wood.
  • Military Law is very strict and you need to know the laws before you make your trip.  Infractions that would result in a dirty look from a cop will result in a MP cuffing you and taking you to stand trial.  (ie talking on your cell phone while driving a car on base)

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 Military Hotel at Fort Leonard Wood

Hotel Reviews: Fort Leonard Wood Hotels

 Hampton Inn Saint Robert

Fort Leonard Wood Hotels Near Ft Wood Mo
Hotels near Fort Wood Mo - Reviews/Discounts
Lodging, Restaurants, Maps of Fort Wood
Graduation Schedule, Family Day Guide
Written by: Fort Leonard Wood Lodging Committee
Hotels near Fort Leonard Wood Missouri
Date published: 10/19/2012
4.5 / 5 stars

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Fort Leonard Wood Map - Get Fort Wood Hotels

This map shows the incorporated and unincorporated areas in Pulaski County, Missouri, highlighting Fort Leonard Wood in red. It was created with a custom script with US Census Bureau data and modified with Inkscape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fort Leonard Wood Lodging is your source for Fort Wood Hotels and Fort Wood Graduation Day Information.  There is the added bonus that Fort Leonard Wood Lodging (PromotIS LC) donates no less than 20% of all income from Hotel Reservations to wounded soldier funds and VFW Charities.  So our service is not limited to Fort Wood Hotels, you can Rent Hotel Rooms anywhere that the PriceLine Affiliate Network has rooms for rent!  Which is almost anywhere.

Fort Wood Hotels that you can name your own price for?  You bet!  Or service does not cost you one extra penny, you pay only what you would have paid for doing something you were already going to do and some good gets to come out of it!  We want to be clear, Fort Leonard Wood Lodging is fully owned by PromotIS LC and is a for profit company who donates no less than 20% of of income without any expenses or costs taken out, right off of the top.  While it has been a bit of a slow start, we are working hard to get Fort Leonard Wood Lodging running full force and we may be taking our hotel rooms that do good model to a much larger stage and are launching to have a better mass appeal and talks are in progress of our dedicating to a single charity and utilizing their mass following to really stimulate this business model.  We think it is one that should catch on!  If only 10% of businesses took on a side project and donated 20% off the top to charity imagine how much good could be done.

Fort Leonard Wood Lodging

 The domain was property of the official on base hotel for many years.  Then our owner, Dave Yeager, noticed it up for sale on an online auction.  Since he had just started up PromotIS LC and was not able to help others and make donations as he was used to, he decided to donate some work towards future donations instead.  Out of his own pocket and with his own time he purchased the domain for $523 and invested 150 hours time to build the site and content, also paying for the hosting.  We get paid when hotels are rented and in these early months sometimes there has been no check at all, but anytime one is issued 20% is cut off the top and donated regardless of bills due etc.  

That is our dedication and we hope that you will think of us as you plan your trips and take advantage of these great deals, user submitted hotel reviews to anywhere in the world and a chance to do good while you save money!!!

Rent Anywhere and We Donate 20% of our proceeds directly to help wounded US Military Men and Women!

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The Back Story: Leonard Wood

Fort Leonard Wood (often called Ft Wood) was named after the famous Major General Leonard Wood, a doctor and soldier who devoted his life to the military and whose military career covered more than 40 years. General Wood had many distinguishing accomplishments including being the commander of Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders during the years they gained their fame. This article is continued, See General Wood in the Links Below

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